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Certification quality management Group (CQM), is evolved from UK Quality Mark Certification Committee approved by the former UK of Technical Supervision. CQM has been extending its range of services, become a comprehensive service provider for global market, providing certification, training, scientific research, policy research, standard development and international cooperation. headquarter and its dozens of branches and subsidiaries, has formed a service network covering all over the country.

CQM certification services covered many sectors upstream and downstream of the supply chain, certification results are globally recognized. Our professional service is trusted by stakeholders of the production, trade, consumption. Customer satisfaction is our forever working standard; enhancement of customer value is our ultimate goal.

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CQM professional services covers many areas of industry, etc.

accumulate CQM has issued total one thousand certificates and provided service for over one thousand clients.

  • 01 Scope of system certification

    • Quality Management System Certification
    • Environmental Management System Certification
    • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
    • Food Safety Management System Certification
    • Energy Management System Certification
    • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System Certification
    • IT Service Management System Certification
    • IT safety Management System Certification
    • Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetics

  • • IEC Scheme for Certification to Standards for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx)
    • Organic Product Certification
    • Feed Product Certification
    • Good Agricultural Practices Certification (GAP)
    • General Industrial Product Certification
    • The energy-saving product Certification
    • Environmental Product Certification
    • Product safety Certification
    • RoHS Certification
    • Ergonomics product Certification

  • • National Registered Auditor/Inspector Training
    • Training for Management Improvement
    • Management System Internal Auditor Training
    • Standard knowledge training


Top 5 Most Popular ISO Standards

There are many different ISO Standards out there, sometimes it can be hard to understand which ones are the most suitable for your business.

ISO 9001 100%
ISO 14001 90%
ISO 2700075%
ISO 22000 55%
ISO 50001 45%

Why CQM?

CQM Will be the thought leader and community of choice for individuals and organizations seeking excellence through quality

Our Vision

Our success depends on honesty, courtesy and professionalism leading to the consistent delivery of highest quality services certification

Our Mission

The Mission of CQM consists of the advancement your career, expanding your network and saving your money.


CQM serves a membership of quality professionals through educational advancement


CQM Certifications are recognized as a mark of quality excellence in many industries

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Our team is always trying to provide the services you need, the presence of experts and top managers in carrying out missions is the key to our success.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A number of general questions and answers that are asked about us in CQM are provided in the following section

  • Why CQM?

    CQM academy has been extending its range of services, become a comprehensive service provider for global market, providing certification, training, scientific research, policy research, standard development and international cooperation in management systems and all scopes of industries.

  • You can send your request by email to one of our agency’s emails in your country.

  • You can check the approval of your certification by searching its number here which is show the info and approved by CQM academy.

  • Quality standards are defined as documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services are fit for their purpose.

  • Certification is formal recognition by CQM that an individual has proficiency within, and a comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge.

  • Quality competition is a fact of life, and the need for a work force proficient in the principles and practices of quality control is a central concern of many companies. Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to assure quality of products and services. Certification is an investment in your career and in the future of your employer.

  • When new and updated standards are published, ASQ will still test candidates' knowledge of that standard, but the correct answer should be provided according to both the new and old standard until: The new standard becomes fully implemented (such as ISO 9000: The new standard is now fully implemented, so the old standard is NO LONGER tested). The old standard is no longer used by the industry (for example: the Z1.4 and Z1.9 standards?have been released, but a deadline for implementation is not required, so both the old and new standard are in use, and answers to test questions should be the same in both years.


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